Lauter Lampen

Welcome to LAUTER LAMPEN - Here you can choose from many hundreds of lamps, lights, lusters, light fixtures... We stock models from every decade oft the 20th century. Most of them were found in households, offices and factories around East and West Germany.

We hire out to film productions, event managers, interior designers, photographers, designers for exhibitions and trade fairs, shop owners and private individuals. We cater to national and international customers.

You can rent our practicals for one day - or for longer. Rental charges are listed below each object, longterm fees are only an axproximate calculation, please contact us and we will discuss individual options.

You can find us in Glaucha, halfway between Leipzig and Dresden – a little out in the sticks, but a trip across Berlin , Leipzig or Prague can sometime take longer than the drive here!

Should it not be possible for you to pick up your treasures personally, you can preselect via the website and we will ship your order or deliver it with one of our own vehicles. Transportation costs depend on size and duration of your rental, please call for more info.

All our lamps are originals. Please contact us, if you want to make changes to our objects. Colors may be changable, some stands can be paired with a different shade. Many things are possible, but there are limitations of course. Please also consult our general terms and conditions.

Only allow qualified personnel to execute any technical changes, the same goes for connecting any lamps to the electrical circuit. Also consider any legal requirements regarding the use of our objects.
Every lamp is marked with a maximum watt capacity. This refers to a standard filament bulb and may not be exceeded, as neither stand nor shade are designed for more. Failure to consider these regulations can cause damage to the objects and increase the risk of accidents or fire hazard. For this we will take no responsability.